Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A small rant

Dear employer:

We're facing a pretty significant budget crunch, and you have approached us to do as much economizing as we can.

I personally think that one priority should to be to stop blasting the heat when it's near 80 degrees outside, and blasting the AC on cool days like today so that it's 60 degrees in our offices and many folks are running their little space heaters.

I know that issues with industrial size systems go beyond just tapping the thermostat up or down like we do at home, but I'm still not understanding how it could be so difficult to fix this problem.

Your devoted but frustrated employee

::sigh:: I'm getting to the point where I have very little tolerance for wastefulness of this sort.

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Kathleen said...

Many flat panel heaters are available for use that are more energy efficient than space heaters, and a lot less likely to cause a fire. Check out Indus-Tool, their products are a big hit in my workplace.