Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Next year in my garden

One of these years I'll figure out how to get things into my garden that are meant to be planted before mid-May. I teach at a community college, and the first week in May is always the last week of classes. Before the last week of May is too often chaos.

This semester especially - OY!! Take a winter-break college-wide conversion from Office 2003 to Office 2007 (which suuuuuuuucks but that's a rant for a different venue) and two classes that had to be pretty much fully redesigned, and the result is a semester where I'm barely staying one little step ahead of my students in terms of what I need to learn about the software and book and what I need to create for my students to do.

Add to that my decision to take three, count them THREE classes for a total of nine credits. Fortunately, this will put me in the highest pay column that I'm going to reach in my job here (Masters degree plus 45 credits), so now I can sit back and relax and only take classes that I WANT to take, like architectural drawing, literature, or towards a degree in energy management. (What, me relax?!?)

I'm hoping that after this semester I'll be better at this whole planning my garden and getting my plans into action early thing. I'll hopefully never have another semester as crazy and stressed as this one has been. I'll have a better idea of how to balance the produce from my own garden with my CSA membership. I'll have learned a bit about what I really can freeze or store or overwinter, and what was a flop. I'll be even further down the path towards living La Vida Locavore (damn, why didn't I think of that as a blog name?!?) with a higher motivation to plant my garden. I'll have more interaction through my online and local friends with folks who seriously garden, and through them gain more awareness of when to start thinking about planting stuff. I'll maybe even have some raised beds built -- you know, the ones I've been planning to build for years.

OK, ok, anyone who knows me knows that I'm a helluva lot better at planning than at carrying out those plans. But I'm getting better, honestly I am.

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