Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cut the Crap - Declutter!

I've decided to participate in a blog challenge to declutter (note the Big Blue Button on my right sidebar!), and I'm going to blog about it from two perspectives: On my house blog, where I outlined some of the specifics of what I plan to do and will chronicle the specifics of what I accomplish, and here where I'll muse about the "green" aspects of what I'm accomplishing by doing this.

There is no doubt that Partner and I have far more Things than we possibly need. We're two people living in a 2400sq ft house if you count the 3rd floor and attic space (though two of the three main bedrooms are permanently allocated to our Granddaughters), PLUS we have a bunch of attic space, a big garage, and a decent-sized garden shed, all of which we can barely move through because of all the crap that's in there.

So how will getting rid of a bunch of Things and organizing what we're keeping help from a green/locavore perspective?
  • Help me to walk the walk. If I'm talking about living more simply, then I need to let go of Things for which I will not likely have any practical use, especially if those Things can be used by others.
  • Help me to find what I have. I can't tell you how many times projects have been stopped or stalled because we can't find something we know is around here somewhere. And how many times we've bought things that we know we have but we can't find it so we have to buy another one.
  • Help me to do more. If my garden tools are easily accessible, then I'm more likely to grab a hoe or spade or whatever I need and spend the fifteen minutes that my little plot requires every day or two once things get going. As it is now, I put it off until weeding becomes an all-day project, and my opportunity for transplanting or pruning is lost.
As I said on my houseblog, where I outlined the specific tasks I intend to take on, I'm going to try to start this weekend on my garden shed. It will be interesting to see what I manage to find in there.

Edited to add: Inspired by Tiny Old House's compost bin made out of pallets, I realize that I need to add "build compost bin" to my list. I don't have pallets but I have enough old wood and wire fencing around to finally get me a compost bin started.

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