Monday, April 14, 2008

Building a greenhouse out of salvaged windows

I'm going to be getting a bunch of windows that I hope to use to build a small greenhouse in my back yard. There is a perfect spot on the back of our garage, facing SE, where I could add a shed roofed-style greenhouse, like this:

I found a good article on building your own greenhouse on the Mother Earth News website, but I'm still going to need some serious construction advice. If there wasn't so much going on, I'd try to convince my parents to come visit and help me build it, but that's definitely not going to happen this summer. Hell, realistically this isn't going to happen this summer, considering that I'm also determined to get the garage painted (already started scraping) and the bathroom remodeled. But I can at least start the plans, and maybe it's something I can build in a weekend or two this fall.

Edited to add links (will keep adding, for later reference):
Gardenweb thread on building a greenhouse out of salvaged windows, with pics.
Another MEN article on planning/building greenhouses
A gallery of home-built greenhouses, on a website for greenhouse gardening


Watson said...

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mitchdcba said...

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