Sunday, October 5, 2008

Keeping up with it all

I've definitely not been having an easy time keeping up with everything: This blog, the CSA veggies, my own tomatoes, all have been neglected. At least the blog doesn't turn brown, gather fruit flies or start smelling funny if I neglect it for a while!

I at least got in and cleared out my tomato jungle yesterday. By the time I was done, there were more vines pulled out than left in, but what was left had a number of still potentially viable tomatoes still on the vine, so we'll get the last of that harvest. We've not been eating at home as much as we should. I'm still eating mostly local foods when we do - that's a lot easier to do when that's mostly what you have in the house! The last dinner I fixed was chicken from The Farm, spaghetti squash from Community Organics, and salad from Swallow Acres and Community Organics. Unfortunately, the last dinner I ATE was from "Fish On," though it was seriously yummy.

In these crazy financial times, I want to put in another plug for MoneyNing. I subscribe to this blog by email since he does a good job of explaining what's going on nationally and globally, and has good suggestions on what we can do individually. I'm hoping to win a Starbucks card from them; I can't cost-justify Starbucks normally, so this would be such a lovely treat! I probably wouldn't get something prepared there, though - this would be my excuse to get some good teas and coffees for home.