Monday, April 7, 2008

A brain bursting with "ah ha!" moments

"Ah ha" moments were first explained to me as a fresh-faced college student budding-feminist in the early '70's: Those moments where you look at something you've seen a thousand times and suddenly you see it in a different way.

Right now my life is a little too crowded with ah-ha moments as I look at the ingredients I use and immediately begin analyzing every one of them about how I might source them locally or replacing them with stuff sourced locally or stock up and save through the off-season, but does that freeze? or dry?

Of course just one of these insights can add a dozen things to my to-do list. Just the simple act of making some chicken quesadillas for dinner was cause for some crazy running commentary:
Mmmmm this natural pastured chicken that we roasted last night (with a beer can and a lemon stuffed up its butt) was delicious. Too bad I had to use that cheapass beer that someone left here; I'm sure Dogfish doesn't source they're ingredients but they at least produce it locally. I need to pick up another case soon. Someone just told me that you can plant miniature lemon trees here that actually grow fruit, as long as you take the plants inside in the winter; I wonder if Kyle would let me stash them in the back of one of the school's greenhouses? It would be so great to have real local lemons. I hope I can find a local source soon for flour; I know it's not that hard to make tortillas and I'm sure fresh would taste so much better. I'm glad I got my cilantro planted, but I'm wondering if it will grow inside in the winter, as much as we love it. Maybe we need to start planning and saving for a sunroom/indoor greenhouse. This cheese is tasteless. I can't wait until I can finally connect with folks making local cheeses, and even learn to make some of my own. Of course that means connecting with folks who sell raw cow and goat milk as "pet food" ::nudge nudge wink wink knowwhaddah mean knowwhaddah mean::. I need a figure the best way to store onions over winter: root cellar? freezing? Oh and when do I plant scallions?? I want a pot of those this year.
Now you know why I blog. It's because my brain never freakin' stops.

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