Saturday, March 22, 2008

Yes, Liver.

I was the weird kid who actually liked liver and spinach. However, once I learned several decades ago both the liver's actual function and what most places were feeding their animals, I stopped eating it.

But oh do I big puffy heart fresh chicken livers from all-naturally raised chickens. As the oven was pre-heating and I was prepping the bird to roast, I dropped a tad of butter into a hot pan, doused the bit of liver with some salt and pepper, did a quick brown on both sides, and popped that tender bit into my mouth.

Happy happy joy joy YUM.

Partner is no big fan of chicken livers but likes beef liver, so I'm going to try to see if Farmer Tim (our wonderful CSA farmer from Community Organics) can hook us up with his pastured beef farmer and get us some. I recall a recipe that I watched the guy on Cookin' in Brooklyn make a while back that looked delicious that I'll try with it, if I can find it on his website.

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