Saturday, March 22, 2008

Where to put the freezer

I want a freezer. We NEED a freezer in order to extend the time that we can eat locally. But for all the space we have in this house, we have no where to put a freezer. But I'm planting a garden for the primary purpose of growing veggies to freeze, so within about 45 days (when it tells me I can start picking spinach), we must have a freezer! But where to put it?
  • The basement doorway and stairway is much to small to get even the smallest freezer down there.
  • The garage gets much too hot in the summer plus there is only one circuit going out there which means that it's not really advisable to attempt to use power tools and run the freezer at the same time.
  • The kitchen? HA! We don't even have room for a dishwasher in that kitchen.
  • Mudroom? No room. Laundry room? No room.
  • First floor office? I say yes, but Partner says a resounding no. Dammit.
The only place I can think of to put it is the third floor, which is already crowded, plus the slanted ceilings make it a bit of a challenge, but it's still an option. And while it would be nice to have things closer to the kitchen, the third floor is still closer than the garage, which is near the back of our yard.
Edited: Never mind. Partner now says Yes to putting it in the office. There's one that's a good size for us currently on sale at Lowes plus we have a coupon for $50 off if we can find another $150 worth of stuff to buy from Lowes. HA! As if that would be any issue. We never have any trouble finding stuff to buy from Lowes. Our idea of a Friday night date these days is dinner at Cracker Barrel and then hang out at Lowes. We're so old and boring.
In other locavorish ramblings, I had a local egg sandwich for lunch, and got my CSA delivery: Four steaks, a package of short ribs, two bags of mixed baby greens, one bag of baby pak choi, and two turnips, which I'm going to roast together with some non-local blue potatoes, carrots, and onions with our extended-local chicken for dinner tonight.
Edited: Now Partner tells me "I don't like turnips." Oh well, pick them out then.
And I had planned on working in the garden today, getting the fence put up, but Partner took my van to deliver Baby Granddaughter home (together with the toddler bed that we scored off freecycle, which is why my van was needed) and it has the garden fence stakes in it. But that's ok because I'm too lazy tired to garden anyway.

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