Tuesday, March 25, 2008

In the News

The article on local eating is published, in print and online (click here to read it).

(That's me, with Baby Granddaughter, shopping at the local natural foods market. She's holding one of the purple potatoes that I was in the process of bagging. I'm hoping that she'll grow up to be a kid for whom purple potatoes - and turnips, and all kinds of other things with a focus on local, seasonal foods - are "normal" to eat, at least at her grandmothers' house.)

What both amuses me and ticks me off is that the photographer didn't give a rats ass about the subject of the article, he just wanted pictures where he could include what was colorful and pretty, which is why that big stack of oranges in Delaware in March is the focus of the picture of me supposedly shopping for local foods. Oy.

I'm thrilled that the article featured my CSA, though. Farmer Tim's a good guy. And I'm also just happy that it's such a positive article on local eating.

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