Tuesday, March 25, 2008

First came the chick...

The farmer who raises pastured chickens just emailed me... she got her chicks today, and will have chicken in 6-8 weeks.

From this:

To this:

In two months.

I'm feeling like I should go visit them. I really am starting to believe that if I'm going to be a responsible meat eater, then I should not only ensure that the animals that become my food are being raised responsibly and humanely, I should be willing to go see them while they're alive, create a very real connection between what I eat and where it came from. I need to re-sensitize myself that this package of whatever once walked around, breathed, ate, made noise, communicated. I honestly feel that we're too desensitized to that, and it makes us less conscious of what we're eating, less grateful for the sacrifice that had to be made.

I'm not at all ready to go as far as Michael Pollan wrote about, with going to help with the slaughter or going hunting, but I need to do at least this.

It was a nightmare experience involving a computer that ate our order and a subsequent two hour wait to get it fixed, but we will be getting our freezer delivered on Friday. Yay!

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