Thursday, March 27, 2008

DeLoca may not be TheCrazy idea I thought it was!

(DeLoca? TheCrazy? Get it? OK, just making sure.)

Between the newspaper article and the wonderful Farmer Tim putting information out to his followers about the list, the Delaware Locavore's list now has 25 members. Wooot!! They include folks from all over the Delmarva peninsula but it's definitely getting heavy on the slower-lower Delawarians, mostly thanks to Farmer Tim's efforts. I'm thinking about contacting some farmers/CSAs from some other areas to see if they'd be willing to put the word out to their members as well.

That 25 includes a chicken/guinea farmer, two CSA farmers (one produce-only, one produce and eggs plus pastured beef courtesy of a partner farmer), one farmer/natural foods store owner, and someone who I suspect has something to do with the Rehoboth farmers market (considering that the email is a variation on

I'm a happy camper. Now if only more folks would post things or respond to things that others post. It's the sort of thing where I wish I could serve an initial round of all-natural martinis just to loosen things up a bit.
Edited to add: In the time it took for me to type this, it went up to 26. Whoooohooo!

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