Friday, March 28, 2008

Rockin' the house

We just got our freezer today. It's bright white and cold and now has in it the stuff we're less likely to eat really soon from the regular freezer. I'm now absurdly excited about getting a vacuum sealer and putting my first "well, we can't eat this now but it will be great this winter" produce and other foods into it.

I've had all kinds of folks at work commenting on the article and asking about eating locally. And some folks who work with Partner want the information on our CSA and are considering joining.

Plus DeLoca's up to 28 people.

And I ended my long busy work day sitting out on the porch with a martini and a good book. Rock on!

I'd really be ready to rock the house if I wasn't so stuffed from an oh so seriously not local/natural meal at the local small-town greasy spoon restaurant. Well, considering where we live the fried chicken I had is likely local but highly industrial. But the baked potato? The iceberg lettuce salad with blue cheese dressing? The corn pudding? Can those things at least count as "locally sourced"?

I know: Nope, no way. But that's ok with me; like I keep saying, I plan to do what I can do, and keep doing more all the time, but sometimes I've just got to go to dinner at the local greasy spoon on a payday Friday night after a long busy week.

Oh, speaking of stuffed: One of the things I'm doing a lot better at as an offshoot of this local eating thing is portion control. I'm at the point where I just automatically set aside half of my meal when I go out to eat, and I'm usually still stuffed.

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