Sunday, August 31, 2008

Eggplant pepper spread yumminess

Take the eggplants (stems removed) and sweet peppers (seeds and stems removed) from my CSA that are starting to look not-so-good (which still leaves a whole bunch that still look good, with more arriving this week) and toss them into the oven at 350 until they collapse.

Take several large cloves of garlic from the CSA and run it through the mini food processor with some olive oil until thoroughly smushed.

Scrape the innards out of the eggplant and do a token removal of skin from the peppers. Toss all the good stuff into the food processor. Add some salt to taste.

Eat large quantities of this with crackers while dicking around online since it's too damn hot to do all that much outside (I already gathered another large vat of tomatoes and did a bunch of weeding) and I'm using BabyGrand napping as my excuse for not doing much inside (I am doing laundry though).

Nom nom nom nom nom.

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Chile said...

Oh man, that sounds delicious! Maybe I better go eat something before I keep reading and drooling...