Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back to real [Married!] life!

We're back home, and after over a week of indulging in the exquisite food that is offered in the foodie-heaven of the San Francisco Bay area, it's definitely time to get back on track. We have a couple weeks of CSA foods to catch up on (though much is getting tossed into the freezer) plus the tomatoes are going gangbusters, so a whole lot of those are getting frozen as well. They are sooooo delicious, though; there is just nothing like a sandwich of cheese, fresh basil, a bit of onion and sweet Italian frying pepper sauteed in a really good olive oil, and super-thick slices of a perfectly ripe tomato. YUM!!

While in SF I got to dine at Chez Panisse, one of the first restaurants that proved to the world that you can have delicious gourmet-quality food that is made with local, natural, seasonal ingredients. We also went to several others that claimed to focus on local, natural ingredients, though not to the degree that Chez Panisse is famous for.

The wedding went beautifully, especially for something planned at the last minute. Some pictures are posted here, thanks to a talented friend who did it all with her toddler strapped to her back! I wish I had more pics of the front and inside of the beautiful old house, now a bed & breakfast called Noe's Nest, where we held the ceremony. You can see the garden in the pictures, and the house itself is every bit as lovely. I stayed there last year, and highly recommend it to anyone staying in the San Francisco area.

Here we are, just after having been declared legal spouses:

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Chile said...

Congratulations. Ya'll look very happy!