Saturday, May 31, 2008

Praise for Pullet Eggs

I'd never had pullet eggs until Bill, my friend the egg farmer, gave me over a dozen of them last week.

I have become completely enamored of their size combined with their full pastured taste. I have had three "eggs in a basket" in the past three days: bread lightly grilled, two small holes cut out, eggs cracked and put into holes, season, cook until it's time to flip, flip, cook a bit more, flit yolk side up again onto the plate, then enjoy the warm yolk and the nutty grained bread.

They fit like a good worry rock in your hand. Holding them makes you understand how folks can become so intreiged with creating exactly miniature houses, boats, airplanes. This is a perfect miniature egg, 50% scale.

And they're perfect for when you don't want as much as a full egg.

I'm sure there's poetry somewhere about pullet eggs. If not, then there should be.

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