Thursday, July 10, 2008

Almost enough of a reason to eat at McDonald's

Even before I started consciously working to eat locally and reduce the amount of processed foods in my diet, I was never a big fan of Micky-D's. Even when fast food was a regular part of my diet, their fast food was usually pretty low on my list of preferences.

However, the American Family Association has just called for a boycott of McDonald's because of their"choosing to put the full weight of their corporation behind promoting [the homosexual] agenda." Yes, folks, McD's has donated a breathtaking $20,000 (that's probably a whole two minutes profit!) to an organization that lobby's at the federal level for equal protection laws. AFA was particularly outraged that McD's response to their protests was to label it hate speech. The email I received coached me through how to contact the manager of my local McDonald's (even providing a link to get the phone number) and "Tell him or her (in a polite manner) that you will be boycotting McDonald's until they stop promoting the pro-homosexual agenda."

It almost makes me want to put away the stuff I have set out for tonight's dinner -- local trout which I planned to sautee in fresh local butter with a sauce of fresh local onions, garlic, tomatoes and arugula; a salad of lettuce that I watched being picked from where it was planted tucked into little shady spots in the garden in order to get it to grow in the summer's heat, cucumbers picked this morning, herbs, and more tomatoes, garlic and arugula; and grilled tiny patty pan squash -- and go get a couple of Big Macs, fries, and super-size sodas, just to make my support for the "homosexual agenda" perfectly queer clear.

Well... maybe not. OK, definitely not. But perhaps I will send an email to McD's corporate office expressing my thanks for their support. After I finish preparing a delicious local meal for my beloved same-sex spouse and I.


Lewru said...

I'm surprised and happy to hear about McDs. Not surprised at all about the AFA.

Great post! Thanks!

LisaZ said...

Great post! Makes me want a fillet o' fish and yogurt parfait right now!!!

Lisa in MN

Verde said...

Well, no one can be all bad - not even Micky -D's

Bee said...

It's good to see something good come out of a pretty crappy corporation. Thanks for the heads up. Maybe next time my kids are begging for a happy meal, I'll cave in and get them one.